Is Bluetooth headphones dangerous for health

Is Bluetooth headphones dangerous for health

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The benefits of Bluetooth headsets are mainly twofold:

  • Using a Bluetooth headset allows everyone to answer the call, will not be dragged by the wires, easy to talk, easy to use than ordinary headphones.
  • When answering or making a call using a Bluetooth headset, the antenna that the mobile phone emits and receives electromagnetic waves will be far away from the human body. Therefore, the effect of radiation on the human body becomes relatively weak due to the distance. Always wearing a Bluetooth headset has some damage to the body. It will affect people's hearing.

Second,Bluetooth headset damage to the human body:

  1. From the perspective of radiation, the radiation of the Bluetooth headset is only one-eight hundred of the mobile phone. It is lower than the radiation used by ordinary wired headphones. But wearing it for a long time will also cause people to receive certain radiation. It affects the heart and brain.
  2. From the perspective of the headset,Wear headphones for a long time, the excessive volume will cause some damage to the hearing of the human ear. It is not recommended to use the headphones for a long time and at a high volume. Using a Bluetooth headset is equivalent to placing a microwave transmitter next to your brain, very bad for health.
  3. The eardrum is very close to the earphone vibrating piece, long-term use of headphones to answer calls or music, the sound is concentrated and concentrated in a small range. The auditory nerve stimulation of the eardrum is relatively large, easy to cause dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, heavy hearing, etc.; If you listen to a few or even a dozen hours in a row, sudden deafness may also occur. Earplugs can cause chronic irritation to the external auditory canal, causes inflammation of the ear; In addition, wearing headphones for too long, The spirit will always be in a state of tension, which is not conducive to health.



Third, the purchase of Bluetooth headset notes:

1, the quality of the product


Buying a Bluetooth headset should pay more attention to the quality and performance of the product. For example, battery life, the amount of radiation, and so on. And generally inferior or lower quality Bluetooth headset, out of cost control. No matter whether it is in work or in materials, it cannot be guaranteed. Product quality is poor, the actual use of functional data varies greatly and the amount of radiation is high.


2, call quality

Because call quality is a basic parameter to measure the quality of a Bluetooth headset. In general, Bluetooth headset with a pole design, Because the microphone is closer to the mouth, The quality of the call obtained is relatively better than other types of headphone.


3, standby time



This is the same as the daily use of the phone, The longer the standby time of the headphones, the more you can avoid the trouble of charging constantly. This is also one of the criteria for measuring the performance of Bluetooth headsets.


4, wearing feeling


The human ear is more delicate, if the earloop material of the earphone is not good, Or there are some flaws in the design, After wearing it for a long time, It will give you a feeling of discomfort.

Therefore, you should check carefully before purchasing. Choose a Bluetooth headset that fits your ear shape.


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